Saturday, February 16, 2008

Awww...and YUMMY too!

Here's my heart-shaped pizza that Jared so lovingly bought us for dinner on Valentine's Day- it's so cute! Boston Pizza perogie pizza....oooooohhhhh you haven't lived until you've tried one!

Well, I'm working at the library this afternoon (where there is high speed internet of course!) so that's where I'll post my next cards because it's just tooooo slow this morning here on dial-up. We keep getting promised that high-speed will be here soon, but I'm not seeing it yet. :( I love working at our local library- it's small, friendly and best of all- full of books! :) I get to read, visit with patrons, create fun and happy story hour programs for kids, and help people find that 'perfect' book- it's a great job and I love it!

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