Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Friday!

I'm headed into a busy weekend - no relaxing for me! Today is GROCERY day (yuck), tomorrow is more work at the library, Sunday is a bridal shower for a good friend, THEN a birthday party! Phewf- that means two cards I need to make! :)

Well, I have a nice picture of the birthday card I made, but unfortunately my computer does not want me to put pictures from the camera on the 'puter. For some reason, my computer has a nasty love/hate relationship with me. For instance, I can ALWAYS easily upload my pictures from my camera, while my printer is perpetually broken. Today for some reason, I can't upload, but I CAN print...*geeeeeez* Not to mention the viruses it so randomly likes to get!

Oh well, I'm making use of the printer while it works, by printing off a zillion copies of the family recipe book I'm making for my husband's side of the family- one down, three copies to go. It's a little bit of a scrapbook, with pictures and stamped images alongside the recipes. I really like the way the first one turned out, and so I'll show you all the finished product of the next one!

Next I'll print off some heart healthy recipes since my husband is trying to become a healthier eater (and has lost 16 pounds in the process!). Any recommendations for websites that have some great healthy eating recipes??

Last night was my husband's night to cook since I work during the supper hour on Thursdays, so when I got home I was expecting ham sandwiches or Kraft Dinner, but nope! I had a HEART-shaped pizza instead! was so cool! I have a picture of THAT once I can upload again!

I do have a picture I can show you though...this is my little guy Jake! Isn't he SOOOOO CUTE!? He is 16 months old...I almost didn't get him back after my mom (Lucky Clucker) and dad watched him for a week while my husband and I were in Hawaii on vacation...they were pretty sure they wanted to keep him! :) I think mom has some stories about that week over on her blog. Have a great weekend everyone!

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