Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've Made her Day, and 7 random facts about me!!

Awwww how nice of you Lucky!!! The Lucky Clucker gave me this You Make My Day award and I feel so special! Do you think it's because she's my mother?? (teehee!) :) Maybe because I gave her a grandson?? :) Or maybe just because she's nice and wonderful. I give this award right back to you Lucky because no one deserves it more!

How about 7 weird and wonderful and random facts about myself....ahem, also tagged by Lucky on this one... :)

1-- Well, not so weird to some, but I have 2 tattoos of butterflies- one on my left shoulder, and one one my lower back, left side. I love them and sometimes when I look in the mirror it startles me because I've forgotten about them. I don't care if they get saggy and gross when I get old- I love them. I'm even considering getting another soon- maybe a tiger lily flower with my son's birth date in verrrrrry tiny numbers somewhere in the petals or leaves.

2--I'm diabetic- not so weird either! I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 4 years old and 2 1/2 years ago changed over from 5 injections a day to an insulin pump which has made my life easier, and more manageable. I can't say I love being diabetic but it has brought me unique experiences such as an amazing summer camp I attended for 10 summers in the Muskokas. "Camp is love"...

3--After many looooong hours sludging through correspondence courses, I finally finished my degree in the fall...I now have a B.A. in History with a minor in Women's Studies from Carleton University.

4--I've lived at 4 addresses in my life and they have all been about 30 feet down the road from each other each time...I guess I really like Florence Road! :)
5--Two of my best friends who had never met each other (both from different stages of my life)met randomly in Ecuador and figured out they have ME in common--it's a small world!!

6--My house burnt to the ground the summer I was 17 while I was away on a school trip in Tottori, Japan. Luckily no one in my family, including pets were hurt, and I actually fared better than the rest because I had a luggage full of clothes while they had nothing... :( but while I was in Japan I sang with my choir at the 22nd Annual All-Japan Senior High School Cultural Festival (say that 3 times fast!) and in front of thousands of people! Pretty cool!

7--I started dating my husband the first summer I was home from university after he came into the variety store where I was working. He seemed to need a lot of milk and newspapers those first few weeks, until I clued in he liked me! :) I actually had a crush on him in high school but alas, he didn't reciprocate! Until summer '01 that is!! :) And now we've been married 5 years and have a beautiful 17 month old son, Jake.

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