Monday, March 3, 2008

Tag-- I'm it!!

The Lucky Clucker tagged everyone who pretty much read her post...haha! So here I am, thinking hard about my answers!

WHAT WERE YOU DOING TEN YEARS AGO? Well, I was only 16 :) So probably stressing about boys, friends and high school worries, and driving my mother and father CRAZY!

WHAT WERE YOU DOING ONE YEAR AGO? A year ago my baby boy Jake was only 5 months old, so I was probably just really getting into the swing of things mommy-wise and feeling normal again. I'm pretty sure he was sleeping well by then, therefore allowing my husband and I to NOT feel so much like zombies every morning.

NAME YOUR FIVE FAVOURITE SNACKS? Ohhhh dear. Popcorn for sure! Barbeque chips, Raisin Glosettes, Nuts n' Bolts (homemade of course) and Rosemary and Olive oil Triscuits! Yum!

NAME FIVE THINGS YOU WOULD DO IF YOU WERE A MILLIONAIRE? Build a new home, give money to our local library, put some money aside for my sons education, buy every single cardmaking tool/paper/doodad possible, and donate to the Canadian Diabetes Association.

NAME FIVE THINGS YOU LIKE DOING? Making cards, watching movies, reading, having looooong phone calls to girlfriends, playing with my son Jake

NAME FIVE THINGS YOU WOULD NEVER WEAR AGAIN? A bikini- as if I ever did, white tennis shoes, anything with Puffy paint on it :) The horrible cat nightshirt my grandma gave to me that was 3 sizes too big, and my big huge maternity underwear

NAME YOUR FIVE FAVOURITE TOYS? Um? Do cardmaking toys count? Then my Cropadile, Big Shot and ScorPal-- as for non cardmaking-- I guess my husband's remote control airplanes, and my son's Popcorn Popper toy.

And as for tagging anyone else...well, if you wanna do it, knock yourself out! :)

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