Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is where I make magic :)

Small isn't it?? Yup, this tiny space is what I call my craft area. But I love it! :) The only thing I would change (well, besides having an entire 20x20 ROOM to myself) is I would love a door to keep my pesky 18 month old son OUT!! He LOVES to unravel rolls of ribbon...*sigh* it could be worse. :) It works for now, but if we have any more kids buh bye craft area and all our 'office' stuff moves down here.


  1. It looks cozy- clean- and nice- Enjoy those times- take lots of pics- soon they will be older and not want anything to do with your stuff :)

    please come visit add/change my new blog- your sbs sister

  2. What a neat looks like everything is close and right there when you need it, which can be such a saviour when you are on a roll with something. K


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