Thursday, July 3, 2008

Need/Want a new blog banner!!

Okay, I need a blog blanner designed...I love seeing everyone's beautiful titles/graphics and all I have is this boring ol' banner. Who do you recommend?? I have sent in a request THREE times to one particular designer (not to be mentioned), but I never get a reply back so I'm looking for other ideas....can you help!??!


  1. Hi Marcie - I was going to suggest Jo who made mine, but I have just logged to get you a link and she has a sign up saying closed for the foreseeable future- sorry. Ella Bella has recently changed hers - she may be able to help!?!
    Sue. x

  2. i often see where people advertize for their banners, i will keep an eye out for you.
    i used a section of one of my own cards. if you really like something you have done, you could use that.

  3. I got mine done by Donna at Krafty Krafts (I think) - she runs the Tilda and co and Sarah Kay challenges. She was really quick too.
    Hope this helps
    Cathy xx

  4. Hi Marcie i got mine from Jo but she is closed for a while, but i did see this the other day her work looks fab maybe she could help

    Tracy x


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