Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just a little nap would do me good!

Those chubby cheeks just get to you don't they?? I think that cardmaking is going to be held off for another week or so...still pretty tired as you can imagine. It doesn't help that our little guy Jake doesn't seem to be adjusting that great to his new sister- he's pretty rough and we're trying to teach him about being "gentle". Robin is sleeping GREAT though! I have no complaints there. There is something about a 4 hour stretch that seems like a miracle when you have a 9 day old baby...haha. Anyway, I'm still checking out all of YOUR blogs and love what you are creating- you are all giving me wonderful ideas for when I DO get back into the swing of things.


  1. She is so cute...I remember my two chubbies! Now I have Avery and she is so small (I call her "Little Head") that she just got out of her preemie wear! I think it is so much easier when they are giants since they don't seem so "fragile". Have fun!

  2. Oh she is adorable, congratulations Marcie !!! She looks so peaceful sleeping. Love the choc cigars - brilliant!!
    Hope your keeping well
    Have a great day
    Tracie :)x

  3. I think we can allow you some time off.....enjoy!
    Sue. x

  4. She is just adorable and cuddly. You are almost making me broody again!!
    Great cigars, what a fab idea to jazz them up yourselves.
    Cathy xx


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