Thursday, June 28, 2012

Famous couples

Not exactly paper-crafty here today, but crafty just the same.  I've been seeing these subway art prints on Pinterest and Etsy a lot lately; even Papertrey Ink has a stamp set that includes a stamp with famous couples listed. I decided it was easy enough to make something like that on my own just using Microsoft Word, despite not being a complete editing wizard.
I used Copperplate Gothic Bold as my font, printed it on Rustic White cardstock (PTI) and included some of the more popular couples in history, as well as the parents of the couple. I gave this to my brother and his fiancee as an engagement gift. They are getting married this summer and I am just thrilled!


  1. I love this idea and am trying to replicate it for a wedding gift. did you get the sets of names to run the length of the page? I'm at a loss and feel rather silly for not being able to figure this out!


  2. I have that same question! How do you get all the names to be the same length?

  3. I used the 'justify' alignment in my word editing program. Then I altered the font size of various lines to get them all to basically line up. If you look closely, it's not perfectly even but close enough!

  4. What about the HEART? Is that clip art found in microsoft word or.....?



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