Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hello there

The nicest, most amazing thing about the paper crafting community is the people you meet!

Sometimes it's the lady around the corner that you had no clue liked to stamp, sometimes it's someone you met at a crop or show/sale, sometimes it's a Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram friend that you've never met in person but converse with regularly. We all love to make cards and share that excitement and from that fun, interesting conversations begin and friendships are made.

I for one love to chat with other crafty people on social media; sharing tips (well, mostly them sharing, me learning), passing along product info, commenting on each other's lovely projects...and more. In chatting with these other cardmakers I was surprised to learn one of them lives not only in Ontario, but not too far away from me. Close enough to use the same local scrapbook store, and so we arranged a quick meet and hug as we dropped off product for a sale.
I recognized Sarah from her Twitter picture immediately and it was SO nice to meet her in person! I looooove her cards. I had to resist gushing and come across as 'stalkerish' lol...after all, she IS a Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine cover girl! Not to mention extraordinary cardmaking in general. And super nice! The funny part is that I went BACK to my LSS a few days later and she was there again, and my husband commented that she is definitely going to think I'm a stalker now...yikes. Promise I'm not! :) 
 I made the above card to give her during our quick hello. I used some new product that just came in the mail for me (yeah!), and really love that Lawn Fawn Scripty Hello die. Will absolutely be using that die lots and lots! Moral- don't be afraid to get out there and converse with other crafters! You meet some great people!


  1. You are TOO sweet! It was so great to meet you (twice!) and I absolutely LOVE the card! The colors you used are right up my alley. :) We'll have to plan to meet up again soon.

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  3. I love your card, that Scripty Hello is a favorite of mine too! So glad you got to meet Sarah, she's a sweetheart. I've known her from various online groups and had the chance to meet her too. Thanks so much for sharing your story!


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