Friday, September 5, 2014

Craving sweet treats

Who couldn't look at that sweet inspiration picture and NOT have a craving for a massively sweet dessert? 
NOT me. I'm drooling just looking at it!  Get. In. My. Belly. 

I'm setting my hunger aside to link up to Cure for the Monday Blues #29. I love the picture and used the colours as my main source of inspiration. Something else that I tried to incorporate was the feel of the icing in the picture. I thought that embossing paste would work for that so I used a stencil and white paste over top of pink cardstock to get the look I wanted.   Little stamped red hearts mimic the cherries from the picture. 

I'm off to whip up something with pound cake and Cool Whip in the kitchen. Seriously I'm hungry. :) Happy Friday to you all and enjoy your weekend!


  1. SO pretty! I love the embossing paste and just such a pretty sentiment!

  2. So adorable :) love the focal sentiment !

  3. That embossing paste seriously looks like cake frosting/icing - totally awesome and inspired idea! Thanks so much for playing to find a Cure For The Monday Blues!

  4. This is gorgeous! Love what you've done with the embossing paste!


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