Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Create Together with Tracey McNeely

It's been awhile since I have done a Create Together post with a crafty friend and I was missing it. The fabulous Tracey McNeely from In My Creative Opinion and I arranged to swap cards when we were on our Kansas retreat together (it's funny that us two Canadians had to go all the way to America to meet) and after ooooohing and ahhhhhhing over the beautiful creations she gave me, I worked up the nerve to finish them. It's intimidating trying to complete someone else's work but I gave it my best shot. I can't wait to see how she finished what I gave her! 

Here we are. :) 

So we forgot to get a shot of the 'before' card, but what Tracey gave me was a white embossed flower (from Ellen Hutson I believe) on Bristol paper, backed with some lovely Lawn Fawn patterned paper. 

I set to work holding my breath, carefully sponging dye inks within the embossed borders of the flower. Then I went in with a Distress Marker and added some highlights there and there to the petals, and a soft wash of blue around the entire flower. It looked nice so far so I literally spoke aloud to myself and said, "LEAVE IT ALONE, MARCIE." I don't own the same stamp set so if I ruined it I was going to have to drive 5 hours to Tracey's house and get her to emboss another one for me. :) The sentiment was put together using a mishmash of product and the finishing touch was the SUPER fun Fairy Dust from Drive By Crafts. It added the touch of fun and sweetness I was looking for. 

Now you should head on over to Tracey's blog and see how she finished this card below. I used Zig markers on Tim Holtz watercolour paper for the background, and splattered on some black spray mist. I'm excited to see what Tracey came up with! 

Thanks for stopping in today! Tracey will be back creating with me in two weeks and in the meantime, you should check out the fabulous 25 Days of Christmas Tags series that she runs. It's amazing. 


  1. Marcie what you did with that Ellen Hutson Mondo Peony is so gorgeous! The Distress Ink markers give is so much depth and dimension! Conscious effort to take a photo of the next card before I start--lol! I should do that righ now before i forget!! xo

  2. Gorgeous Marcie. Love how the soft wash pulls out the colors from the plaid paper!

  3. I love this idea - the cards that both you & Tracey made are amazing!!


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